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   1. Introduction
      1.1. Unix: C,C++,PHP,Ruby
      1.2. MS-DOS: TP,BC
      1.3. MS-DOS: QuickBasic

1. Introduction

Since the autumn 1992, when I first was introduced to computers, I have used most of my free time in computer programming.

This source directory is divided into sections reflecting my programming history.

1.1. Unix: C,C++,PHP,Ruby

This is an automatically generated list of my projects currently published on the server. All of them have a homepage. The number after the name of project is the most recent version. Click the project name for details and downloading.
NameDescriptionLast modified
adlmidi v1.2.6.2OPL3 MIDI player for Linux and Windows2018-12-05 09:13
algoguesser v1.0.6.2Function guesser2002-05-01 22:34
animmaker v0.5.1AVI animation creator, AVI dumper/patcher2004-10-14 04:30
animmerger v1.6.2-win32Animation merger2017-03-24 10:06
barcodetest v1.3.5Barcode generator2007-02-07 20:44
bat_mxp v1.0.4MXP converter for Telnet and BatMUD2006-12-11 11:38
batmoney v2.01.3BatMUD money exchange program2003-05-30 02:55
bcrond v1.0.8Bisqwit's cron daemon2010-02-22 12:20
bidentd v1.1.4.1ident daemon for Linux2010-04-29 18:44
bisqradio v1.3.0Internet radio server2004-04-27 12:06
bqtrack v1.1.3A tiny and fast BitTorrent tracker2007-11-05 17:25
bsptest v0.0.10Another raytracer - BSP test2003-04-11 10:48
calcul v1.8Multiple simultaneous numeric base expression calculator (unmaintained)2003-07-10 19:05
ce v1.0.7Engineering calculator2002-05-01 22:33
charconv v1.1.2.7Character set and encoding converter (unmaintained)2004-10-14 04:10
chronotools v1.15.8Chrono Trigger (SNES) translation development system2019-03-20 17:03
colorspacedemo v0.0.2Colorspace demo (incomplete)2003-06-27 23:12
connproxy v0.3.13TCP/IP / UDP/IP connection proxy2002-05-01 22:31
constablecom v1.1.0Integer constant table compressor (C++)2012-10-27 15:25
cromfs v1.5.10.2Compressed ROM filesystem for Linux2015-08-11 18:27
deeng v1.2.0-win32English to romaji converter2004-12-04 13:17
dirlister v1.3.0.2Directory content lister2002-08-12 00:41
dirr v3.39.1ls replacement, friendlier than ls2021-04-21 18:57
dynbisq v1.0.1.1Dynamic C++ expressions (unmaintained)2008-01-16 03:36
echoamplifier v1.9.0Echo/reverb generator (unmaintained)2004-10-14 04:29
erec v2.2.1Shared recording server2012-04-21 22:17
faildd v1.0.6Failsafe disk copier2008-10-23 21:16
fbmodes v1.2.3Framebuffer console display mode generator2007-10-30 03:06
fmdrv v1.0.7Midi player for DOS and Linux2004-03-18 13:52
fmengineqb v1.1.0Adlib-S3M player for QuickBasic, with effects support2010-07-27 08:37
formo v0.3.1.3Finnish language conjugator (inflector)2007-03-02 13:11
gifshrenk v1.1.0GIF optimizer2006-06-30 21:01
gmecataloger v1.0.2Game music database creator2006-12-25 10:10
htmlrecode v1.3.1HTML file character encoding changer2009-07-21 15:55
hudmaker v0.1.0Hudmaker2012-12-08 19:59
iconvircproxy v1.6.4.1IRC proxy with transparent character set conversion2011-10-09 13:23
inputterAutomatic text INPUTTER for DOS2011-03-22 10:49
iputils v0.0.4IP address utils (incomplete, unmaintained)2008-01-16 03:37
ircfilters v2.8.22Crypt and decrypt text for fun in IRC2001-10-17 04:36
jaa3 v3.1.0File organizer2008-01-16 03:38
jainput v1.1.0Japanese Input Method Editor for DOS2014-01-15 02:02
japkanji v1.7.2Japanese/English web dictionary application2022-04-07 15:10
jt10 v1.3.5Joeltris 10 and the series2008-01-16 06:33
libargh v1.1.1Command line argument handling library2011-07-28 14:10
lvm2defrag v0.9.4LVM2 defragmenter2019-08-10 23:36
mids3mtools v3.3.1MidiS3M tool program set (unmaintained)2003-11-15 04:58
modecombiner v1.5.6.1Optimizing action combiner (for IRC bots)2003-06-13 16:03
mplayscript v1.0.0MPlayer scripts2002-12-29 21:06
nes v0.0.16.1NES emulator (incomplete)2012-10-15 17:00
nescom v1.2.0Free NES (6502) assembler and linker2018-07-12 21:48
nesmock v1.7.2NES movie file format converter2012-01-10 12:14
oddfract v0.0.11Raywalking raytracer (unmaintained)2021-01-21 12:54
opl3emu v1.1.1Feeble OPL2 emulator2008-10-09 07:33
optrar v1.0.12Solid packed archive optimizer2002-05-22 18:38
pdf2simplehtml v0.9.0-x86linuxbinary-staticSimple pdf to html converter2006-07-05 07:26
pipes v1.16.1Network pipes2003-01-25 16:52
qbc v0.7.0QuickBasic compiler clone (incomplete)2014-06-14 00:16
regexoptPerl-compatible regular expression optimizer2017-11-13 21:53
remotegcc v1.0.3.2Remote compiler (runs gcc) (unmaintained)2002-12-14 16:44
rockedit v0.13.1Rockman level editor2005-12-22 15:08
shellpack v3.1.0.2Shell packer2010-06-03 11:34
si v0.0.1.2Another Space Invaders clone for text mode (incomplete)2002-12-14 16:45
snapscreenshot v1.0.15Linux console screenshooter2019-12-21 12:48
sndtool v0.0.11SND file editor and textmode widget library (unmaintained)2002-12-14 16:45
sndtool2 v3.3.1SND file v3 handler (NES music/S3M/MIDI converter)2008-09-25 23:01
snescom v1.8.1.1Free SNES (65816) assembler and linker2018-06-27 21:42
spacefortune v04Space fortune2002-05-01 22:32
sqlupdate v1.6.6MySQL table patcher2012-12-08 19:59
streamixer v1.20.2Audio stream mixing tools2019-10-21 23:33
synhili v1.0.3.3Syntax highlighting for GW-BASIC2011-11-02 11:40
textbox v0.3.0Multitasking textmode window application test (unmaintained)2003-06-27 17:38
tinymud v0.1.0Tiny MUD (unmaintained)2005-05-11 22:24
tokumaru v1.3.0Codemasters/Tokumaru NES tile compressor+decompressor2016-05-05 22:48
twinpipe v1.0.6Bidirectional pipe for unix shells2012-12-08 19:58
wavegenerator v1.16.4Wave generator2003-01-25 16:53
wspeedTyping speed game2003-01-12 03:07
xgetimage v1.5.0X screen capture / video recorder2004-03-23 13:03
xgetimagexpatchX screen capture / video recorder2004-07-27 13:46
xozge2 v1.06.2Max. 5 players' go-moku game (unmaintained)2008-09-24 12:27

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1.2. MS-DOS: TP,BC

<To be written>
(Thousands of files, very unorganized)

1.3. MS-DOS: QuickBasic

<To be written>
(Many files, very unorganized)

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