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Birthyear 1978



2016—… Senior Software Engineer Etteplan Embedded Finland (Espotel Oy),
Embedded development (ARM7, STM32, nRF5, SMARC Linux)
2014—2015 Coach driver Savonlinja Oy (Etelä-Suomen Linjaliikenne Oy)
2000—2012 Software Designer City Dev Labs (W-Create, W3 Group),
Web backend programming, Linux server administration
1995—2000 Software Designer Solteq Oyj (as Osarsoft Consulting Oy)


2018—… Independent Entrepreneur Maintenance & support for old customer projects
2013—… Dance Instructor Espoon Seurakuntayhtymä (Lutheran Church in Espoo)
2013—2017 Consultant City Dev Labs,
Maintenance & support for old customer projects
1999—2014 Data Conversion Specialist Järventausta Oy

And various other, including military service (11 months), newspaper delivery, ISP server co-administration, and practical training in various fields of work.


2020 Special Education University of Helsinki
5 cr (5 ECTS) of Basic Studies in Special Education
2014 Driver CPC TTS Koulutus Oy
Preparatory studies for Logistics Bachelor’s Degree
1998—00 <no degree> Espoo-Vantaa University of Technology (prior names: Evitech, Evtek; now Metropolia)
For Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree, unfinished
1997—98 Military service The Finnish Defence Forces
I also developed a network analysis & entertainment program to be used in the YVI2 telecommunication vehicles.
1994—97 Mechanic of Computer Technology Keravan Ammattioppilaitos (name now: Keuda)
A student award of good progress from Järvenpään Data-Keskus Oy

Driver’s License (EU): B C D
Professional Competence (Driver CPC) for bus, coach, lorry (currently expired)


2020 Board member Keravan Perussuomalaiset ry
2019 Member of electoral board Keravan kaupunki (parliament elections & EU elections)
2019-2020 Board member Skrolli ry


I love teaching and instructing people. Nothing delights me more than to see a person grasp a new thing after I have explained something clearly and patiently.

As a person I am honest and frank. I like to approach each person as an individual, and I usually get along well with old and young people alike.


Finnish native
English fluent (written and spoken)
Swedish basics
Japanese basics: passed level 4 Japanese language proficiency test
Hebrew beginner: biblical phrases and alphabet


I am an experienced programmer in a multitude of programming languages and a few microcontroller platforms, such as AVR, PIC, 6502, and Z80, and I have twenty years of experience of using relational databases such as MySQL in commercial products. I also enjoy reading source code, and take pride in being good at that. I particularly enjoy C++, and like to keep up to date with the newest standards.

Some other keywords that define my expertise: C, git, gcc, bash, nasm, ffmpeg, clang, Linux, Debian, xterm, MCU, hex editor, reverse engineering, x86, 6502, asm, concurrency.



I devote much of my free time to developing and exploring software and software technologies. I am a hobbyist Linux hacker, as well as a Nao robot developer.

I’m a free software enthusiast (as per Free Software Foundation definition of “free”).


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