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Birthyear 1978


2021– (Part-time) Consultant Etteplan Embedded Finland (as Espotel Oy)
2018– (Part-time) Independent Entrepreneur Self-employed
Maintenance & development for servers and web apps
2016–21 Senior Software Engineer Etteplan Embedded Finland (as Espotel Oy)
Embedded development (ARM7, STM32, nRF5, SMARC Linux)
2016– (Part-time) Dance Instructor Helsingin Tuomiokirkkoseurakunta (Lutheran Church in Helsinki)
2014–16 Coach driver Savonlinja Oy (as Etelä-Suomen Linjaliikenne Oy)
Bus driver (municipal & intercity)
2013–21 (Part-time) Dance Instructor Espoon Seurakuntayhtymä (Lutheran Church in Espoo)
2013–17 (Part-time) Consultant City Dev Labs
Maintenance & development for servers and web apps
2000–12 Software Designer City Dev Labs (as W3 Group, W-Create, W3Create and Nettipaja)
Web app design, Linux server administration
1999–14 (Part-time) Data Conversion Specialist Järventausta Oy
1995–01 Software Designer Solteq Oyj (as Osarsoft Consulting Oy)
Design of DOS apps & database reports

And various other, including military service (11 months), newspaper delivery, ISP server co-administration, and practical training in various fields of work.


2021– 40 credits (12/360) (ongoing) B.Sc & M.Sc University of Helsinki
2020–21 25 credits Education Sciences Open university in University of Turku
2020 5/25 credits Special Education Open university in University of Helsinki
2014 Driver CPC (preparatory studies) Vocational Qualification in Logistics TTS Koulutus Oy
1998–00 22.5 credits (not graduated) B.CompSc or B.Eng Espoo-Vantaa University of Technology
1997–98 330 d Military service
(telecommunications regiment)
The Finnish Defence Forces
I also developed a network analysis program
for the YVI2 telecommunication vehicles.
1994–97 3990 h Vocational Qualification in ICT Keravan Ammattioppilaitos
A student award of good progress
from Järvenpään Data-Keskus Oy

Driver’s License (EU): B C D
Professional Competence (Driver CPC) for bus, coach, lorry (currently expired)


2021–25 Deputy member of the Education committee in Kerava
2020–22 Member of the board in Keravan Perussuomalaiset ry
2019 Member of Election committee in Kerava (parliament elections & EU elections)
2019–20 Member of the board in Skrolli ry


I love teaching and instructing people. Nothing delights me more than to see a person grasp a new thing after I have explained something clearly and patiently.

As a person I am honest and frank. I like to approach each person as an individual, and I usually get along well with old and young people alike.


Finnish native
English fluent (written and spoken) CEFR-C1 or C2
Swedish basics barely CEFR-A1
Japanese basics JLPT 4, barely CEFR-A1
Hebrew beginner: biblical phrases and alphabet


I am an experienced programmer in a multitude of programming languages and a few microcontroller platforms, such as AVR, PIC, 6502, and Z80, and I have twenty years of experience of using relational databases such as MySQL in commercial products. I also enjoy reading source code, and take pride in being good at that. I particularly enjoy C++, and like to keep up to date with the newest standards.

Some other keywords that define my expertise: C, git, gcc, bash, nasm, ffmpeg, clang, Linux, Debian, xterm, MCU, hex editor, reverse engineering, x86, 6502, asm, concurrency.



I devote much of my free time to developing and exploring software and software technologies. I am a hobbyist Linux hacker, as well as a Nao robot developer.

I’m a free software enthusiast (as per Free Software Foundation definition of “free”).


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