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Hello! My name is Joel Yliluoma (IPA: [joelʔyliluomɑ]) and I hail from Finland. I am an author and advocate of free software, a creator of programming and gaming videos at YouTube, the founder of TASVideos, a ROM hacker, a coach driver, a teacher of Israeli Folk Dance, a speaker of Hebraic Roots apologetics, and many other things.

If you want to help fund my productions, I offer the following options:

  • using Liberapay, for either one-time or monthly donations.
    The recommended donation currency is EUR; I receive 100% of what remains after the money-in fees. If you choose to donate in USD, the amount I get is somewhat reduced.
  • Patreon makes it easy to fund my work monthly, for example with 5 USD. It is great in that you can set it up once and then forget about it. Recommended especially for countries like USA where Patreon does not charge VAT.
  • One-time donation using PayPal, with or without a PayPal account, in either EUR or USD, using these two links, or using

    If you want to send some other currency than EUR or USD, log-in to your PayPal account, click “Send & Request payments”, and choose “Send a payment” with recipient . You can send any currency, though I prefer EUR, USD or GBP.

  • PayPal recurring donations (subscription), with or without a PayPal account:
    How big a fan are you?
    Comments, regards, wishes:
    How big a fan are you?
    Comments, regards, wishes:

    Note: The recurring donations will be reduced by Paypal commercial fees which are 0.35€ + 3.4% for every transaction. Which means that a 1€ donation will actually give me 61 cents. A 10€ donation will give me 9.26€.
  • It is also possible to use an IBAN bank transfer. The only fees will be those incurred by your own bank. For security reasons you will have to query me personally for the IBAN number though. My e-mail address is shown in the bottom of this page.
  • I don’t have much experience about these, but they are available:
    LiteCoin: BitCoin: .

Thank you in advance! The money will be used for living expenses and to support the growth of my YouTube channel. I am grateful to my every supporter!

Note that donation is completely voluntary and up to you. Under the Finnish law, I am not permitted to ask anyone to donate. I am offering these options for people who wish to help fund my productions, out of their own kindness and volition.

Image: Joel Yliluoma in Raisio (southwest Finland), July 2003

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