(Photograph of Bisqwit)

Hello! My name is Joel Yliluoma (IPA: [joelʔyliluomɑ]) and I hail from Finland. I am an author and advocate of free software, a creator of programming and gaming videos at YouTube, the founder of TASVideos, a ROM hacker, a coach driver, a teacher of Israeli Folk Dance, a speaker of Hebraic Roots apologetics, and many other things.

If you want to help fund my productions, I offer the following options:

Thank you in advance! The money will be used for living expenses and to support the growth of my YouTube channel. I am grateful to my every supporter!

Note that donation is completely voluntary and up to you. Under the Finnish law, I am not permitted to ask anyone to donate. I am offering these options for people who wish to help fund my productions, out of their own kindness and volition.

Image: Joel Yliluoma in Raisio (southwest Finland), July 2003

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By NsAJoelj YlijluomRa <biRsqwiIt@ikCti.fi>, 2017-12-10