Japanese/English web dictionary application

   1. Purpose
      1.1. Tools
         1.1.1. Dictionary
         1.1.2. Kanji information
         1.1.3. Unicode map
      1.2. Functions
   2. Copying
   3. HTML code
   4. Manual
   5. Requirements
   6. How to install
   7. Downloading

1. Purpose

1.1. Tools

Several japanese related tools.

1.1.1. Dictionary

See an example of the application installation working at http://bisqwit.iki.fi/japtools/dict.

1.1.2. Kanji information

Provides information about kanji, like different book indices etc., and search methods.

See an example of the application installation working at http://bisqwit.iki.fi/japtools/search.

1.1.3. Unicode map

Allows you to pick up regions of UNICODE to display in your web browser.

See an example of the application installation working at http://bisqwit.iki.fi/japtools/unicodemap.

1.2. Functions

These small features written in php are included:
  • gzip compression filter
  • a small caching class
  • Shoudoka-dispatcher
  • Unicode to UTF8 converter

2. Copying

These applications have been written by Joel Yliluoma, a.k.a. Bisqwit,
and are being distributed under the terms of the General Public License (GPL).
However, the dictionaries come with different licenses. They all have been downloaded from the home page of the EDICT project.
Here is a list of the dictionaries and their licenses:
  • Aviation: Feel free to do anything, just don't charge anybody else for it.
  • Classical: Can be used, with acknowledgement, for any free software or server.
  • Concrete: Please include the readme and happy to receive email.
  • Ediclsd3: Free for personal, but public or commercial util need a written permission.
  • Lawgledt: Distributable, but not to be sold.
  • Lingdic: Distributable, but not to be sold. Publishing on paper needs a written permission.
  • Findic, Geodic, Mktdic, Pandpgls, Stardict, 4jwords, Engscidich, j_places: Unknown
  • Compverb: Subset of EDICT, see below
  • Compdic, edict, enamdict, kanjidic: EDICT license

3. HTML code

If what you want is not a local copy of the dictionary application but just a piece of html code to put on your web page, here's some. Replace "unihtml" with the character set of your web page or leave it like it is.

<form method=GET action="http://bisqwit.iki.fi/japtools/">
 <input type=hidden name="inset" value="unihtml">
 <table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0><tr>
  <td width=125>&#26085;&#26412;&#35486;&#25506;&#12377;<br><small>(nihongo sagasu)</small>:
  <td valign=top><input type=text name=s size=20>
  <td valign=top><input type=submit value="Go">

4. Manual

To be written.

5. Requirements

Japkanji requires MySQL and PHP to run; Kakasi and GNU Recode for database generation, Perl for configuration, charconv for optional &inset -parameter handling, and wget for updating the dictionary files from the EDICT master site.
GNU Make is also required.

6. How to install

From what feedback I have got, this package is not easy to install.
Which is not really a surprise to me....
But some have succeeded. Ganbatte kudasai :)

7. Downloading

Downloading help

  • Do not download everything - you only need one file (newest version for your platform)!
  • Do not use download accelerators or you will be banned from this server before your download is complete!

Date (Y-md-Hi) acc        Size Name                
2006-0930-1207 r--     9793298 japkanji-1.7.2.tar.bz2
2006-0930-1207 r--     5962036 patch-japkanji-1.7.1-1.7.2.bz2
2006-0622-1406 r--     7444293 japkanji-1.7.1.tar.bz2
2005-0318-1858 r--     6972554 japkanji-1.7.0.tar.bz2
2003-1107-1135 r--     6084035 japkanji-1.6.4.tar.bz2
2003-1031-0850 r--     5353999 japkanji-
2003-1031-0850 r--        4627 patch-japkanji-
2003-0815-1321 r--     5354794 japkanji-
2003-0530-0001 r--     5355363 japkanji-1.6.3.tar.bz2
2003-0530-0001 r--        4622 patch-japkanji-1.6.2-1.6.3.bz2
2003-0205-1637 r--     5351902 japkanji-1.6.2.tar.bz2
2003-0205-1637 r--        3014 patch-japkanji-
2003-0205-1637 r--        4915 patch-japkanji-1.6.1-1.6.2.bz2
2003-0203-2313 r--        4393 patch-japkanji-1.6.1-
2003-0128-1714 r--        3262 patch-japkanji-1.6.0-1.6.1.bz2
2003-0125-2130 r--     5353392 japkanji-1.6.0.tar.bz2
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2003-0125-2130 r--       29807 patch-japkanji-1.5.4-1.6.0.bz2
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2002-0522-0103 r--        4259 patch-japkanji-1.1.0-1.1.1.bz2
2002-0520-2348 r--       12885 patch-japkanji-1.0.11-1.1.0.bz2
2002-0514-1433 r--        4843 patch-japkanji-1.0.10-1.0.11.bz2
2002-0501-2027 r--        8196 patch-japkanji-1.0.9-1.0.10.bz2
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2002-0304-2250 r--       32832 patch-japkanji-1.0.1-1.0.2.bz2
2002-0302-0518 r--       29776 patch-japkanji-1.0.0-1.0.1.bz2
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