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   1. Hmm
   2. ETI thoughts

1. Hmm

I have had a SETI@home client running for quite a long time.
Currently there's none running. (see also other distributed projects I'm contributing).

I'm not a lucky one to have access to a universityful of computers, so thus my work unit count is not globally competitive...

I prefer the text mode client.
I use Debian GNU/Linux as my primary operating system on servers and desktops.

And before you ask again, I answer to you: I'm not going to change the group if you ask.

I have been a member of these groups:

So. Hmm. Yea. That was all. Probably.

In case you want to contact me, my email address can be found at the main page.

I'm gradually moving from SAH to FAH and GAH.

2. ETI thoughts

No, I don't believe in the possibility of ETI.
Life is impossible. Every programmer* knows that simulations of free evolution fail. For every successful and even distantly purposeful-looking mutation, there are millions of mutations which either counter it or simply make the living impossible.
I strongly believe that God has created the universe and carefully designed our home planet.
There are no creatures having millions of waste genes per each purposeful gene.

Maybe I'm running SETI@home only because it gives me an excuse to run computers 24h/day, wasting electricity (which is cheap around here). And possibly there might be some scientific gains in SETI@home. And possibly I'm addicted to the statistics competition.

*: Ok, admittedly not every programmer knows

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