Bisqwit's Folding@home page

   1. Hmm
   2. Why?

1. Hmm

Yea I have a Folding@home client running. I started in 2003-11-05.
Currently in four and half computers: 200 MHz P2 laptop (runs fah), 1777 MHz Athlon PC (runs fah), 730 MHz Athlon work computer (runs fah) and a dual 450 MHz P3 server (runs 2*gah).

I prefer the text mode client.
I use Debian GNU/Linux as my primary operating system on servers and desktops.

So. Hmm. Yea. That was all. Probably.

In case you want to contact me, my email address can be found at the main page.

2. Why?

I'm gradually shifting from using SETI@home to using Folding@home and Genome@home.

It just feels somewhat more useful than SETI@home.
Or maybe I'm just running these only because it gives me an excuse to run computers 24h/day, wasting electricity.

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