On the claim that Islam comes from Satan

On http://bisqwit.iki.fi/jesus/ I have written that I believe that Islam comes from Satan. This view sometimes stirs debate on my character. How do I dare post such an intolerant and bigoted islamophobic claim?

As for what I wrote on that web page, yes, I do see Islam as a counterfeit, and the Bible teaches that Satan is the father of lies and deception. If we accept these two premises: Islam is counterfeit, and Satan is the source of lies and deception, then the conclusion stands that Islam comes from Satan. It only remains to show that the two premises are correct.

The latter is easy to prove with simple quotes from the Bible, such as John 8:44. More at: https://www.wake-up.org/lucifer/devils-lies.html If you do not take Bible as valid source, but you do take Qur’an as a valid source, then you must realize that Qur’an itself takes Bible as a valid source. Therefore, Bible is a valid source. If you take neither as a valid source, then what basis or business do you have arguing my conclusion anyway? Why would you care? To you it would be someone claiming an imaginary thing comes from an imaginary thing. Big deal. But this is a web page where I explain my beliefs. So, as long as you take either book as truth, then the premise is proven that all deception and counterfeit comes from Satan.

The other premise — that Islam is counterfeit — requires much more study, but it can be done entirely on the basis of logic. The claim of counterfeit relies on two premises. The first premise is that the subject — Islam — claims to possess the attributes of something that was before it, and seeks to be treated in a similar role compared to the prior thing. The second premise is that the subject is false. For example, a paper product is counterfeit money, if it is made to have the appearance of true money and it is presented as if viable money, while actually being unauthorized false money. Both premises have to be true in order for the conclusion to be true. In other words, if the teachings of Islam claim to replace or duplicate the role of Bible, and Islam is false, then it follows that Islam is a counterfeit religion.

The Qur’an claims that Muhammad was God’s last and best prophet, and that all previous revelation (Torah and Gospels, the constituent parts of Bible) is redundant in the face of this new revelation. Additionally, Muslims claim that the Bible has been corrupted and therefore the only thing that can be trusted is the Qur’an. Furthermore, Islam claims that Qur’an presents the true will and word of God — both attributes of the prior thing, which is Bible. Therefore this premise is true: Both conditions to this premise are met.

It remains to be proven that the Qur’an, the foundation of Islam, is false. Firstly, the Qur’an affirms three things about the Bible: The divine inspiration (3:3), the preservation (18:27, 7:157), and the authority (5:43-48, 10:94). Therefore, if the Bible is false, or if the Bible has not been preserved, Qur’an is false because Qur’an claims that Bible was and is and will be true. Once printing was invented and Bibles became more accessible than they were in the illiterate Muhammad’s day, Muslims who actually began reading what the Bible says, saw the obvious contradictions between the Bible and the Qur’an, and they invented a teaching that the Bible has been corrupted. Today, almost every Muslim has been taught to believe this popular theory. The Qur’an does not support this theory, neither does the historic record. The Qur’an affirms the divine inspiration, the preservation and the authority of the Bible, as Allah’s eternal word, consistently and repeatedly.

The only way that remains for Qur’an to be true is that the Bible is also true. However, the Qur’an contradicts the Bible in many parts. The Qur’an explicitly says God is not father to anyone (5:18; 19:88-93; 21:26). In the Bible, Jesus refers to God as the father of both himself and the whole humanity (Matt. 6:9). Qur’an affirms Jesus (Isa) as a true prophet of God. The Qur’an claims that Jesus did not actually die, it just appeared that way (4:157). In the Bible, Jesus says that one who claims Jesus would not die on cross is none other than Satan himself (Matt. 16:21-23, Mark. 8:31-33). Muhammad proclaimed that he was foretold in the Bible, but the only prophecies that even remotely match his characteristics are Jesus’s warnings about false prophets and antichrists. (If John 14:16-17 spoke about Muhammad, then Muhammad was invisible, among many other things.) Furthermore, according to the Bible, if anyone speaks in God’s name something that God has not commanded them to speak, that man is a false prophet and shall be put to death (Deut. 18:20-22). Muhammad did speak things in Allah’s name that came from Shaitan, but later came and said that Devil tricked him. Therefore, if the Bible is true, Qur’an is false because Qur’an contradicts the Bible, and the man who delivered Islam’s teachings was a false prophet according to the Bible.

In summary, if Bible is false, Qur’an is false. If Bible is true, Qur’an is false. Therefore it is proven that Qur’an is false. If the Qur’an falls, Islam falls. This fulfills the premises that lead into the conclusion that Islam is a counterfeit religion.

And therefore, the conclusion of the original two premises — Islam comes from Satan — has been proven. Even if you don’t take Bible as truth (for example you are an atheist), it remains proven that Islam is a counterfeit religion, and it is specifically counterfeit with respect to the teachings of Bible — whether or not Bible is truth.

In an interesting detail, the Qur’an also says that Allah, the God of Islam, is a master of schemers and the master of lies and deception (http://www.answering-islam.org/Shamoun/allah_best_deceiver.htm). According to Qur’an, Allah tricked Christians into believing Jesus was killed and rose from death. These are traits of Satan in the Bible. While my proof does not depend on this detail, this further reaffirms the already-proven point that Islam comes from Satan.


You believe Bible is truth You believe Qur’an is truth Therefore, you Therefore, Qur’an Therefore, Islam
no no should not care is false is counterfeit
no yes disagree with Qur’an is false is counterfeit
yes no know where lies come from is false is a counterfeit that comes from Satan
yes yes believe contradictory things is false is a counterfeit that comes from Satan

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P.S. Anyone who tries to refute my points by referring to something Zakir Naik said, will be subject to ridicule. Zakir Naik is a joke.

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