Islamic view of Jesus makes no sense

The Islamic view of Jesus is weird. Islam acknowledges that Jesus lived the most miraculous life of anyone ever on the planet. He was born of a virgin (al-Maryam 17–21), he never ever committed a sin (al-Maryam 19, Tafsir Ibn Abbas), and he made many miracles (al-Maryam 30–33, al-Imram 49, al-Ma’edah 112–114). And he ascended to the Heaven (al-Imran 5). Islam acknowledges all this.

The doctrine of Muhammad also claims that Jesus was never crucified nor died on the cross, but Allah made it look like that had happened (an-Nisa 157–158; this view is testified by many Muslim apologists including Imam Dr. Shabir Ally). We know from history, that as a direct consequence of Jesus’s apparent death, and his burial, resurrection, and all his teaching during his life, a whole new religion was created, called Christianity. Many apostles went to their bloody gruesome deaths testifying after Jesus, believing from the depth of their hearts that all this has happened, after all the eyewitness accounts. (The first of them being Stephanus; read from Acts chapters 6—7; this is a description of a true martyr.) And even today we have billions of Christians.

Allah created Christianity, according to Islam: Allah deceived people into believing that Jesus died on the cross. Starting from the apostles, who according to Islam were Muslims. Allah turned them into Christians. And everyone, absolutely everyone believed the crucifiction, even totally atheistic historians — that is, until Muhammad came along over 600 years later and said it isn’t so. Does that make any sense? Out of every odd detail of Jesus’s life, Muhammad picked the one that is universally agreed upon by every single scholar on the planet (except followers of Muhammad) and denied that.

Even those Jews, who refused to believe that Jesus was their proclaimed Messiah, took it as a fact that Jesus really died on the cross. (Not all Jews refused; all of the Apostles and most of their followers were Jews. It’s just that Christianity spread faster among gentiles than it did among Jews, especially after the Rome stopped persecuting the Christians and declared Christianity the state religion.)

It only gets crazier. As I mentioned earlier, Jesus lived a truly unique life, that was matched by absolutely nobody in the history, not even by Muhammad. Yet, the only thing that Jesus managed to create, was a false religion, according to modern-day Islam. According to Islam, Jesus, the second greatest prophet of all time, was a total failure. Although he was born of a virgin (why??), never ever committed a sin, performed many miracles and signs, yet his followers apparently did not learn a single thing about Islam that he was supposedly preaching, and instead, they went on to create Christianity. Not a single paper or oral tradition has survived about Jesus’s supposed Islamic teachings. How does that make any sense if Islam is true and Isa was a prophet of Islam, as the Muslims are taught to believe? What does that make of Allah, who supposedly sent Isa?

It only starts making sense when you take off the Islamic tinted glasses, and realize that Jesus was and is the actual Son of God, who teached Torah, who was prophecied for hundreds of years before, who told that he would be killed and who told exactly why that would happen, and … well, just read the rest. Start with the book of Gospel according to John, for instance. (John is just the anglised form of the original Hebrew name which is Yochanan, just like Jesus is the anglised form of the original Hebrew name that is Yeshua.)

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Excerpt from a comment I posted in a YouTube thread about Islam.

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P.S. Anyone who tries to refute my points by referring to something Zakir Naik said, will be subject to ridicule. Zakir Naik is a joke.

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