Bisqwit in BatMUD

Different plans:
Name Bisqwit Cid
Race Catfolk
Created Before 1997
Reincs 4
First life Guild: Monk (level 16 (Great weaponless fighter))
Guild: Tarmalen (level 4 (... that heals herself))
Guild: Druids (level 2 (I joined accidentally))
Level: 33
Second life Guild: Monk (level 20 (I don't like weapons))
Guild: Tarmalen (level 3 (I heal myself with great patience))
Level: 39
Third life.
I wanted to do more good, but still be able to defend myself.
Guild: Tarmalen (level 19 (I heal everybody! *grin*))
Guild: Monk (level 6 (most skills levels equal level 8 maximums though...))
Level: 41
Fourth life Guild: Monk (level 25 (Cogito, ergo sum.))
Guild: Tarmalen (level 1 (I heal myself))
Level: 41
Fifth life. I wanted to snoop people. Guild: Psionicists (level 27 (For a change.))
Level: 42
Sixth life (I reinced impulsively.)
I liked being an evil thing. Weaving webs at roads and poisoning people is fun.
Guild: Spiders (level 25 (I'm a powerful evil thingie...))
Guild: Evil priests (level 2 (... that still requires some healing.))
Level: 44 (42 most of the time, did a exp boost at end)
Seventh life
Guild: Monk (level 22 (basic))
Guild: Tarmalen (level 1 (basic))
Guild: Templar(level 2 (free levels))
Guild: Immortal (level 0 (explore))
Level: 40 (exp in levels: 6.5%)
Eighth life
(I wanted to have lots of levels just as it doesn't matter me anymore whether I'm "bloated" or not)
Guild: Monk (level 15 (I want hp and some attack skills))
Guild: Tarmalen (level 20 (I want healing skills too))
Guild: Druids (level 1 (I want to know some plants))
Level: 52 (exp in levels: 69.8%)
Ninth life
(Free reinc with exp bonus. Nice.)
Guild: Monk (level 14 (I want hp and some attack skills))
Guild: Tarmalen (level 20 (I want healing skills too))
Level: 53 (exp in levels: 79.9%)
Tenth life
(Totally free reinc - just testing.)
Level: 1
Eleventh life
(Free reinc with no money cost either. Nice.)
Guild: Ranger (level 35 (I want con))
Guild: Squire (level 1 (never seen this guild before))
Level: 53 (exp in levels: 77.6%)
12nd life
(Totally free reinc - probably messed up something.)
Level: 1
13th life
(Free reinc with no money cost either. Nice.)
Guild: Ranger (level 35 (I want con))
Guild: Barbarian (level 2 (I want to see this guild))
Level: 54 (exp in levels: 87.6%)
14th life (last)
3.3.2004 - 18.3.2004
(Free forcereinc that I did not like at all.)
Level: 29 (exp in levels: 0.85%)
Character Suicided - these stats apply to last time she was online
Exp 13.8M
Peak/average/current money 3M/450k/0
Rooms 5
Eq None
Explored (old) 5059 (30%)
Explored (previous) 1846 (14%)
Explored (new) 272 (1%)
tps, boons and banes tplist.txt
Why not a wizard? Imagine yourself. Imagine more.
·I was on level 2 with ~300 exp until December 1999. Then Acidia helped me to get started.
·Most probably you find me there idle, if I am there.
·Catfolk forever. Exceptionlessly I am in a cat-related form in every MUD there are, if possible. That's because I do not yearn for power.
·No eq. Never. I quite never use money.
·Newbie-helper sometimes.
·I don't care a lot about eq.
·I don't care a lot about exp.
·I don't like party dice. I just want the stuff and the corpses quickly out from the way.
·I don't use triggers or special client programs for mudding. I use plain netkit unix telnet.
·Frozen myself a couple of times.
·BatMUD is boring, mechanical mud which leaves not much space for being creative. Who wants to always be making sculptures? Who wants to be a hero and kill always the same monsters, which eventually reappear again anyway? How about explore then? There isn't new infinitely. And exploring always involves dying. One may like it, but for me it's boring. Seems like now I have became a hoodlum.
·Caught a siteban ("Your site is temporarily banned!") for my work address. I made a personal plugin for our company software: the plugin logged into BatMUD four times in a minute as a guest and checked if my friends are online.
·Caught a character ban once for 50 days with my mazewalker "bot", which worked opaquely through the netkit unix telnet.
Thanks to Maceo, peace and order returned. This bot was a nice and easy but quite powerful hack. See the next note.
Maceo [bat]: some wiz want to investigate a bot?
·Caught a character ban once for 60 days with my blood donate timer, which only issued timered commands, and didn't read a single line of input. Thanks to Hardagon. Must be feeling really proud for reporting me...
My 597*2*60*24/(2+597/3) gp/day incomes were a terrible threat for the batmud economy. Judging from the ban length, apparently this timered thing was much more a serious crime than the sewerbot that walked around, killed monsters, moved items, healed itself, kept itself fed etc.
Tomba awards Hardagon 1 points for completing 'Minor bugs and various awarding' task.
·Not donor. See tp list.
· Today: retired.
>I can heal (clw 85% csw 20% ccw 15% cast heal 60%), create food (51%), bless,
>lessen poison (18%) and baptize. Better I am as a fighter though. I am here
>to meet nice people, and to gain wisdom and strength, and to use them as
>needed. Finding and solving riddles and puzzles is fun. Total exp: 1.35M
>Partying: Don't bother. I'd bore you out.  Chocobo.
>Healing services closed for a moment. (I got a reinc.) I am here to meet
>nice people, and to gain wisdom and strength, and to use them as needed.
>Finding and solving riddles and puzzles is fun. Total exp: 2.2M
>Shrine search completed at last. -ep record: -829
>Partying: Depends on my mood. Ask. Probably not. Kupo.
>You feel your luck changing.
>You feel your luck changing.
>You feel your luck changing.
>You feel your luck changing.
>  +__-+-       "One image says more than a dozen words."
>--   \__|                                            _____ _:
>                     _____             ____    - -- |     | |_
> monk(20)   - - --- /  |__\__    --  _/ |__\|_    - O  ~  |   \
> tarm(3)  _  -   __ `-o----o-'__    `-o-----o-'  __ `-oo--^--o-'
>draw a cat.
>No guilds, no levels, no skills, not much
>spells, no boons, no banes. Reinc! :)
>Catfolk lil'tarma.
>Rais 86%, Unstun 28%, Bot 23%, Ccw 78%, Csw=Cg=100%, Clw 116%, Rp 50%,
>Satiate 30%, --scar 31%, moa=mom=26%, Cast special 85% and cast heal 80%,
>plus a various collection of other skills and spells, including heal
>all and some martial arts. Wis 116.  Future will show what I'll do.
>Catfolk lil'tarma.
>Summary: Powerful heals, some death's raising and very slow sp regen rate.
>Wis 122 (incredible). Doing heal alls when nothing else to do.
>Ask me for parties, but note the spr and that I want to be in 1st row.
>Hmm, meters seem to be in fashion. 0M|**====================|inf (log(x))
>Huoh. Perhaps it time for me to retire for a while. Perhaps it's
>me who has an attitude problem, because not wizards and not many
>players care how Lim is time after time hunting and killing me.
>* Ghost of Bisqwit sighs frustratedly, filled with sarcasm.
>s/s summary for www-page: clw116,csw100,ccw95,cp56,rp64,sm32,rai86,res50,qc46,
>ma45,ha46,atk76,bash44 - especially ma,med have autotrained a lot without exp.
>6574758tot;old;st60,de87,co84,in65,wi125,ch80,sz57 -- Cryptic enough? :)
>up21:29> x
>Du/nd is slightly hurt.
>Gront is beyond death.
>hp:554/575 sp:-13744/596 ep:295/295 exp:318 cash:48769+1225861
>up21:29> Something turns into a pile of dust.
>The first time in my life I'm a male cat now.
>Plan.... Idle? Idle sounds great.
>No quick chant.. no heal all.. fumbling cure light wounds...
>No summon... No remove scar.. I suck!
>Oh, I am a monk. Monks are supposed to suck that way.
>I'm a monk with atk95ma65tw73sm20dod50kik60ip37etc.
>>Plan.... Idle? Idle sounds great.
>Some different stats (in order of appearance):
>  hp:78/553 sp:10/591 ep:-2049/290 exp:1072
>  hp:554/575 sp:-13744/596 ep:295/295 exp:318
>  hp:1/608 sp:0/520 ep:0/314    (have had even hp:0)
>Explore the hell().
>        $a++;
>        $q = $pieces[$a];
>        $a++;
>        while($a < $c) { $q .= ' '.$pieces[$a]; $a++; }
>        pk_explain($q);
>You feel more resistant to logic.
>Durand crushes a tiny spider beneath his foot.
>Data the spider whispers 'Durand kills me!'
>Durand the spider whispers 'Durand arrives.'
>Durand the spider whispers 'I bit Durand, the enemy of Spider Queen!'
>Durand shivers and turns pale.
>You currently have 0/51 points in parry.
>Your current attack skill is 95 of maximum 95.
>Dodge skill modified by carried weight to -1374.
>Your total defense factor is: -1374.
>Status: Free surgery accepted, useless botting, messing around with the guards
>Unsorted other info: Finnish, Arcanum, ircnet,
>Numbers: hp:-140; sp:-13744; ep:-2049; df:-1374; bans:2.5; exp:10.9M
>Iron manhole in the street opens.
>Egghead arrives from up.
>Egghead closes iron manhole in the street.
>You feel your luck changing.
>Egghead leaves enter.
>Wandering spectre of Void Object (undead)
>Your superb dexterity avoids a nasty ambush.
>Spectre lectures 'Someone soon has to scrape your remains from the floor,
>Bisqwit!' A large hole replaces Spectre's face.
>Spectre is DEAD, R.I.P.
>-- exp:(spells/2.1M, skills/1.9M, stats/70k,13.4M/total) --
>Did you know, that 22h of sauna gets you -18k of ep?
>hp:686/686() sp:550/550() ep:-18190/329(-3) - was the result.
>Did you know, that avoiding death does _not_ fill stats?
>686/686(+362) 550/550(+77) -8133/329(+10000) - was what I got.
> Bisqwit [wanted]: People showing gratitude when getting healalled
> 3* @Beliah thanks you heartily.
> @Modor thanks you heartily.
> @Modor hugs you.
> @Modor whispers sweet words of love to you.
>Gurb removed himself, Dagel is God knows where a month...
>Arcanum is mine :P
>- sukoshi, hitori koto warui desu yo....
>Ps, about heal alls:
> Thank me=I do more, Autothank=ignore, don't thank=no more heals.
>Custom wand named golden arrow (2/100) explodes!
>You watch with selfpride as your golden arrow hits Thematrix.
>Watch out or I miaow you brutally.
>Watch out or I don't miaow you brutally.
>Str: Slush (2)      Dex: Tar (14)          Con: Drunk (3)
>Int: Ameba (4)      Wis: Dog (1)
>Cha: Monster (2)    Siz: Enormous (400)
>You feel the presence of the blissful gods!
>You feel you are more resistant to logic.
>You start looking for tracks of bisqwit.
>You lift your nose from the ground and notice that bisqwit is here.
>You feel like you just got slightly better in track.
>> usewipe tracks
>You must be paranoid.
>Lost 517 mithril, 183 batium, 356 anipium, 28 platinum
>and 5963 exp in a "free" forcereinc.
>Character created around 1995, as Bisqwit Cid the member of Catfolk.
>Actually began playing with 0.3k exp from 1999/12 with the help of Acidia.
>Suicided in 2004/03 and gave away 98 tp. Recreated in 2005/10.
>Totals now: ~ 10M (as of 2017/08). Still a solo newbie.
>I have no idea what I'm doing.

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