Were Jesus and other prophets Muslims?

A popular claim by Muslims goes like this:

Q : Was Jesus and other prophets Muslims?
A : Yes, they were. Islam means submitting oneself to One God.

Islam means submission to Allah. This is evidenced by the shahada, the Islamic testament of faith: ”There is no god but Allah…” You can not be a Muslim unless you agree to and willingly recite the shahada. In Judaism and Christianity, the name of God is not Allah, but the sacred name denoted by the four consonental letters YHWH. The name Allah appears absolutely nowhere in the Bible, and the name YHWH appears absolutely nowhere in Qur’an.

This is not just a translation issue. No Muslim in the world will accept if you substitute “YHWH” into the shahada instead of Allah. Omitting the second phrase “and Muhammad is his prophet”, or substituting it with “and Jesus is his prophet”, will not fare either.

Furthermore, from Islamic scriptures we learn that unquestioning boundless submission to Muhammad is a requirement to being a Muslim (an-nisa 65). Islam means very specific things; it is not a simple “submission to one God”. In order to be a Muslim, you have to accept that Muhammad was a real prophet, that Qur’an is true scripture, and that none other than Allah is the proper appellation for the only God, even if you are not an Arab. Deny even one of these points, and you will be sentenced to death, if you live a country inflicted by Islamic sharia legislation, such as Pakistan.

Even if we put aside the name issue for a while, we can look at the characteristics of each god. When we look at the scriptures of each religion respectively, we can see that the Islamic texts describe Allah with attributes that are in total contradiction compared to the attributes that Bible uses to describe YHWH.
For example, in the Bible, all works of YHWH are done in truth (Psalms 33:4) and he abhors the bloodthirsty and deceptive man (Psalms 89:14). In the Qur’an, Allah is the best of deceivers (خَيرُ الماكِرينَ, Ali’Imran 54) and he teaches that speaking falsely is not a lie, if it effects salaam (Sahih al-Bukhari 2692), the Islamic concept of peace where involved parties either become or stay as Muslims (Yunus 25). Both points are reiterated many times in the respective scriptures of each religion.

These are just some examples of the significant differences, and there are many. We can therefore conclude that Allah (described in Qur’an) and YHWH (described in Bible) refer to two completely different gods, rather than one and same God as the Muslims claim. Muslims worship Allah, and they vouch for scriptures that speak of Allah. Jesus and the prophets of Bible were worshippers of YHWH, and they vouched for scriptures that speak of YHWH. These two god concepts are irreconcilable different. Therefore, Jesus and the prophets of Bible were not Muslims. QED.

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Excerpt from a comment I posted in a YouTube thread about Islam.

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P.S. Anyone who tries to refute my points by referring to something Zakir Naik said, will be subject to ridicule. Zakir Naik is a joke.

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