From Bisqwit's diary:
For the curious (I know some people reach here with a search engine):
I am working on a Chrono Trigger Finnish translation, and I'm building
my dumping/inserting tools so
that everyone wishing to translate CT to their own language can use them.

However if somebody wants to try hacking Chronotrigger (English) by their own, here's the character set (and compression) description: 00: End of string 01: Eats the next byte, outputs garbage. Not used. 02: Eats the next byte, outputs garbage. Not used. 03: Eats the next byte, produces delay by that amount. 04: Internally used. Not used in script. 05: Newline. 06: Newline and three spaces. 07: Pause and newline. 08: Pause, newline and three spaces. 09: Dialog emptying. 0A: Dialog emptying and three spaces. 0B: Pause and dialog emptying. 0C: Pause, dialog emptying and three spaces. 0D: Fetches and displays a 8-bit number. 0E: Fetches and displays a 16-bit number. 0F: Fetches and displays a 32-bit number. 10: Internally used. Not used in script. 11: Displays previous substring (usually a member name). 12: Fetches and displays a technique name. 13: Crono's name. 14: Marle's name. 15: Lucca's name. 16: Robo's name. 17: Frog's name. 18: Ayla's name. 19: Magus' name. 1A: Crono's name (Ayla's version). 1B: Name of the first party member. 1C: Name of the second party member. 1D: Name of the third party member. 1E: Nadia's name. 1F: Fetches and displays an item name. 20: Epoch's name. 21..9F: Substrings from the substring table located at 0x1EFA00. A0..FF: Character set, 12pix font located at 0x3F2F60: A0..B9: A-Z BA..D3: a-z D4..DD: 0-9 DE..ED: !?/:&()'.,=-+% EF: space F0: heartsymbol F1: ... F2: infinity (not used) F3: musicsymbol F4..FE: not used FF: space in 8pix strings The 8pix strings don't use substrings, but they have symbols in the font at the area 21..9F. 8pix font is located at 0x3F8C60. Much less than this information got me started, so this complete information should get anyone suitably skilled in programming started, if there is motive.