Joel Yliluoma
川上 「ウリルオマ」 ヨエル 「ヤハウェは神」
יוֹאֵל (עִ‏לִלֻאָמַה) מעלפלג

This is a personal website of Joel Yliluoma, also known as Bisqwit.
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This section is currently disabled, until a sufficient replacement is found for Google's own tool GoogleCL, which uses an API that Google has decided to deprecate and then completely remove, bringing forth the "devicesupport of doom".

I only require the "youtube list" feature, though the "youtube upload" feature would be useful too. If you have suggestions, please send me e-mail!



  • Kanjidict: Tools for Japanese language
    A few random kanji (automatically scrambled):
    : crown string, breast harness
    : splashed dye pattern, reel, skein
    : urge, force, imminent, spur on

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