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WSpeed is a cool freeware typing speed improvement game.


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Download it here: (about 172k, last updated Apr 26 2001 20:00 (EEST Standard time))
Some clips from the documentation:

                         Full freeware version 1.13

                        Copyright 1992, 2001 Bisqwit

The game idea
  This game wants to make you a better (faster)
  computer typer with less accidental typing errors.

  The mission is that you need to write all words you see scrolling
  on the screen. You can miss nine (9) words, before the game is over.
  All the time the game gives you information about your ten minute
  relative speed (10mrs), which is a good comparision value, how good
  are you in typing. The game tells you also a description of your
  typing speed, during the game. 

Hardware requirements

    EGA-compatible display card. (Actually I am not sure if
                                  CGA would be enough, too...)
    Poor keyboard (not recommended).
    Some conventional memory left (dunno what's the minimum)
    MS-DOS 5.0

  Recommended system:
    Pentium 100 or faster. (If you want much of words on screen
                            simultaneously, being able to be handled...)
    VGA-compatible display card. (Text mode does not require much.)
    Creative Sound Blaster AWE-64 with reverb 40% and chorus 30%.
    Good keyboard (you need to be able to type fastly with it).
    Some conventional memory left (still dunno what's the minimum)
    MS-DOS 7.x (also known as Windows 95/98).
Music and sound (the air waves generated by your speakers)

  The game uses one simple sound system, which I first developed
  for Warp's Joe & Jasper game.

Word library files

  You can make your new word library files.
  You can edit the existing word library files.
  The general format of word library file is discussed in wspeed.txt.

  The executable file has not been protected from modifications.
  The score file has been protected from editing, but not
  from viewing. It has been designed to be easily viewed but
  still fastly accessed.

Known bugs

  In versions <1.03, wspeed.cpp was accidentally distributed
  inside the packet... Well, nobody is perfect :-)
  In version 1.08, the delay code was being reorganized.
  If your screen becomes red or light red or white in the game,
  then your computer is a bit too slow for the game. When this
  happens with computers faster than 386sx, please report it to
  Bisqwit. The lighter and the cleaner the color of the flashing
  screen, the slower your computer is. This does not happen with
  most computers, and is not a bug.
  The game occassionally crashs in my system, when using the
  AWE32 sound driver. I don't know what causes it, because
  DOS/Windows is not an ideal system for debugging crashing
  See wspeed.txt for more details of the suspected bugs and about ScoreCom.


  The game used to be freeware.
  Now it is free software, distributed under the General Public License.

    WSpeed comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
    See the file 'COPYING' for more details.
    This is free software, and you are welcome
    to redistribute it under certain conditions.
  You don't need to pay anything to the author to play this.
  There is no trial period time limit. If you want to send money
  or good computer parts to the author, it does not guarantee a
  new version of the game being submitted to the net in next week,
  but it does increase the motivation of making more games :-)

  Modified versions may not be distributed by user without pointing
  it out in this document that the version is not the original. If
  I find out a modified version from the internet, I will add a
  checking routine to the game.

  The source codes of the game are separately being distributed
  at in (761 kB).
  It compiles with Borland C++ (at least it should).

Combining score files

  There's a tool named ScoreCom combined in the package.
  It can be used to combine two score files into one.
  It is useful for example when you are upgrading your WSpeed
  to new version, and don't want to lose your old scores.
  When you have this game and your friend has it too, on separate
  computers, it would be nice to see the both results on the same
  screen. ScoreCom can be used to do it.

  The source codes of ScoreCom are not being included with.


  WSpeed has been written in Finland.
  It is a beautiful country in between of Sweden and Russia.
  WSpeed has been written by Bisqwit.
  He is a strange young man with some computer programming knowledge.

  The musics of WSpeed have been composed by Bisqwit.

  The dictionary files of WSpeed have been written by Bisqwit.
  Some words have been borrowed from different places.

  The 'first inventor' of the game idea was probably Zorlim.
  Somebody may see some similarities in this with his ztspeed...

  If you have any questions or want to give me feed-back about
  this game or about this manual (or my English) or about any
  other my releases, you may send it.
  My e-mail address (sigh) is bisqwit at iki dot fi.


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