Write a virus? Read this first

Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 02:54:10 GMT
From: Joel Yliluoma <bisqwit at iki dot fi>
To: alt.comp.virus.source.code
Subject: Re: Can somebody help me

On Fri, 25 Feb 2000 22:12:36 -0800, Shadab Kazi wrote:
: Can somebody teach me the basics of writing virus prog.

Virus a program which does not need any user interference
to run, and it replicates itself to ensure wider population.

However, computer viruses never get birth without user help,
they never infect unless they're running, and they need
to birth before they can run. Virus birth consists of
copying or creating, and running (executing).

Now that you know what is a virus, you need only to be creative,
and have some brains (to invent different ways to put a program
replicate itself and start without warning).

Note: In a computer, there may be multiple instances of the viruses,
but always only one or none copies of the virus is active (running)
in the memory. If there are more, the virus is called a worm, because
it eats system resources causing slowdown.

Inside a computer, in most cases there are hosts for the viruses,
other (innocent) programs. They carry the virus, and they activate
it if get executed. A virus does not interfere the actions of hosts
in anyway, or it gets soon detected and destroyed. A virus wants
to stay alive and to replicate, or otherwise it's soon a dead virus.

Note: Destructive actions and other harmful things are _not_
      required (and wanted) elements of virus structure.
      If you write a virus, make it be as little harmful
      and annoying as possible and as funful and creative
      as possible. Note also that if you get catched with
      your own written virus, you may get punishments.

Joel Yliluoma