Rockman Basics

Rockman Basics is a Rockman hack. Modified Rockman game, that has the same engine as Rockman 1, but new stages and new challenges.

Design priorities


The Nesvideos website maintains a page called Rockman Tricks, which lists some quirks inherent in the Rockman games. Knowledge of those quirks will be strongly recommended for playing this game. Creativity is encouraged.

The exact balance between "requires" and "recommends" is yet disputed. The author doesn't want to make this into a puzzle, but...

Work in progress



Ps: Work in progress. This is not all. Many things will change. Some pictures and files are from testing versions only.


It will probably be published in Spring 2006 Winter 2007 {$unknown_date}. ;)




Source code

The source code of the hack will not be available before publication, but following source code is available:

Testing versions

Beta and testing versions are currently given only to a few trusted persons.


When it's ready, it'll be available here as an IPS patch file.