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   Ah! My goddess OAV
     Nice little anime.
     It's an anime of relationship between a boy and
     a goddess. It's romantic and funny. A really nice
     five episode serie.
     {HA CO SP RE HU}
   Ai Yori Aoshi
     I forgot everything about this serie before I was
     going to write a summary here.
     It's a very well known movie. It's a great one too.
     Not very humorous though, and it has some violent scenes.
     How does psycho corps sound?
     The drawing style resembles Wings of Honneamise.
     {BL GH HU}
   Angelic Layer
     I downloaded some episodes from Spinnie and
     watched it for test. Very good not-only-girls'
     anime. I liked it. Seen the whole serie.
     {BA CO LI TH}
   Asatte no Houkou
     Two girls, one an elementary schooler and one adult,
     exchange ages because of the prayer of the younger.
     Very patiently written interesting story that is not
     boring at all. Occassional humor is well placed.
     {HU LI RE TH}
   Ayashi no Ceres
     Difficult to form opinion...
     A family drama involving "tennyos", fairy spirits.
   Azumanga daioh
     A friendly little girls' anime where nothing
     ever quite happens. A nice timekiller though.
     Beware of the tsukurimashou song.
     {CU HU HY LI}
     This anime talks about drinks and bartenders. It is
     adult-oriented, as expected for an anime prominently
     involving and promoting alcohol usage. But it is very
     civilized, i.e. no porn or violence etc.
   Blood: The Last Vampire
     This movie was technically very well done.
     As for the details, it wasn't as a bad taste
     movie as could have been expected by its name,
     but it wasn't very interesting story.
   Cat's Eye
     Aquatica told this is a nice anime, and I
     watched the first episode. I got addicted.
     Chobits is very nice in many ways.
     Who likes humanlike girl androids?
     Seen the whole serie.
     {CO HU HY RE SE TO}
     Reminds me of Inu Yasha, but more modern. The overall
     theme, mentally, is darkish, but not too dark. It reminds
     of the monster of week formula, but the monsters are actually
     quite impersonal, and the focus is on (inter)personal
     development instead.
     {BA BL}
   Cowboy Bebop
     I got some episodes from Spinnie, and watched
     the first episode and I didn't like it.
     Entertainment is so subjective.
   Chrno Crusade
     Seen the first episode.
     This anime takes some religious elements and creates a
     battle anime. It has nothing to do with Chrono Trigger.
     {BA CO GH HU HY MO}
   Chrono Trigger OAV - Nuumamonjaa
     Do you know Chrono Trigger?
     If you do, you'll get excited by this title.
     However, the actual cartoon doesn't buy your expectations.
     It's directed to children of age of about 9 years.
     The main characters of this cartoon are Nuu and Mamo.
     Prepare for brainless 15 minutes of ridiculous comedy.
     You will see Crono (the main character of the
     SNES game this cartoon is advertising) once.
     {CU HU HY OT RI}
     A hyperactive magic-anime involving "grimoire"s, which are
     magical books with their own spirit. The protagonist sort
     of happens to become bonded with one in a comical way.
     The characters in this anime have peculiar eyes.
     {CU HU HY GH MO}
     This started to come in TV soon after Pokémon
     started, and that time I already knew what
     is "anime". However I never quite liked Digimon.
     I don't know if it was because of the miraculously
     bad voiceactors in the Finnish dub, but this serie
     felt too much like any other kids' cartoon.
     This is a story about a boy who has two distinct
     personalities and looks. One is 14 years old boy
     who looks sort of like Crono, and one is much
     more mature looking skillful master thief. When
     he's in one form and sees the loved girl of the
     other, he transforms.
     The drawing style is good and it plays a lot with
     computer-aided 3D-graphics. I have yet only seen
     two episodes, and I am not sure how this serie grows.
     {CO HU TO}
   Dragon Half (two episodes)
     This feels like a girls' anime too (which it isn't).
     These episodes feel like they are very long although
     they are just the normal 20 minutes long.
     The anime itself is a very crazy show.
     I like the end theme, which features Beethoven music.
     For some reason, this serie reminds me of Slayers,
     although these series are almost not comparable.
     {CO HU HY OT RI SE}
   Dual! Paraller trouble adventures
     An interesting mecha-anime which, like Mahoromatic,
     has everything. It is a quite interesting anime.
     As a bonus sight, it features lots of different food.
   Eureka 7
   Figure 17 - Tsubasa & Hikaru
     Even though this serie has only 13 episodes, each episode is 40
     minutes long which makes this serie longer than it seems.
     Figure 17 has a typical save-the-world plot and a monster-of-week
     plot, but despite them, it has lots of time to watch cows and
     follow the lifes of elementary school children at countryside.
     It's a drama which involves an artificial lifeform from outer
     space which takes the shape of an extremely shy young girl and
     starts living as her sister, encouraging her and sharing her
     The first episode of this anime is mostly a photograph collection
     with a voiceover. It has a political/warfare theme in it. Mechas
     are also involved.
     {BA TH MA}     
   Full metal alchemist
     This serie has many topics and levels of seriousness.
     It features two brothers, who once attempted a forbidden alchemy
     technique, and as a result, one of them lost his arm and leg, and
     the other lost his whole body. The alchemy is performed like magic
     or a ninja technique, and "transmutes" matter into different shape
     and composition. The story raises and answers some serious questions
     about life and death.
   Full metal panic
     I've watched this one for some episodes and
     I still haven't decided whether to continue.
     I did enjoy it, but...
     It's weird how similar this can be compared
     to Gundam Wing, but still completely different.
     {BA HU HY CO MA RE}
   Full metal panic Fumoffu
     Absolutely hilarious anime of a boy who has had
     some military training and knows absolutely nothing
     of "normal" life.
     {HU HY RE RI}
   Ghost in the shell
     A movie. Hard to understand, I didn't like it.
     I didn't quite much follow it either...
   Girls Bravo
     Hmm. A boy meets a girl. An alien girl. An average anime,
     not so specially outstanding at all.
     Girls like this anime. Some boys like this anime
     too. This is a not-disgusting anime of boys
     liking each others in a funny way. This anime
     shows a brief window to music business.
     A nice anime, but it didn't catch me.
     {CO HU HY RE YA TO}
   Great teacher Onizuka
     Actually I haven't seen this as an anime.
     There's both an anime and a live-action tv-serie of this.
     I have seen some of live-action serie.
     It's quite a strong and deep serie (sort of reminds me
     of Touched by an Angel), but is continuous and features
     lots of viewpoints. Interesting, worth watching.
     {CO RE TO}
   Gundam Wing
     The most West-style anime I've seen. Although
     mechas are Japanese origin, this feels so much
     like just any of the western war-related cartoons
     that I didn't like this at all. It's clearly
     directed to boys, although I think there are
     some romance stuff too. I've seen about six episodes.
     {MA RE}
     This anime features a virtual reality and very
     good musics. However the story doesn't interest
     me. I've seen two or three or four episodes.
     Nevertheless I await for the time when I get
     on to watching more.
     {BA CL CO OT TO}
     Seen the first episode of this anime or so.
     I don't really remember anything of it. It has the
     same style as .hack//Sign.
   .hack//Udeden: Legend of Twilights Bracelet
     Although based on .hack//Sign's world, this anime
     seems interesting. It features a teenager boy and
     his sister, who are the lucky winners of some
     recycled legendary characters of The World.
     Unfortunately they become the targets of some
     destroying-the-world-for-fun teenagers...
   Happy World
     An anime about a boy that meets an angel who doesn't
     know anything about living as a human. Funny in its way.
     Seen two episodes. Seems like it's three by total.
     {HU HY NU RE SP}
   He is my master
     I got some episodes from Spinnie, and watched
     the first episode and I didn't like it.
   Hikaru no Go
     Go is an ancient strategic-tactical board game.
     My friends were telling HnG is a good anime and I was somewhat
     interested of Go -- so I tried it.
     What Initial D is about cars, Hikaru no Go is about
     playing Go. Throw away all your prejudice, and you
     will be irreversibly addicted to Hikaru no Go and
     the game of Go. Enjoyment follows.
     A quite normal high school age boy goes to be assigned as a teacher
     to a ninja village. He is supposed to teach "normal life" in a college
     there, as the inhabitants all have been living ninja-ability enriched
     life for their whole life.
     {HU TO}
   Honey & Clover
     Even after watching 9 episodes, I haven't quite figured out
     what this anime is about, except weird characters. It's
     ridiculous in a way.
     {RI RE}
   Hotori: Tada Sawai no Koinegau
     A science fiction drama movie. A humanoid robot is being implanted
     with a personality, but faces a conflict between the implanted
     personality and the one he's developing on his own, and a girl
     he confronts. I liked it, though the visual quality isn't excellent,
     and the topic isn't novel. The story resolution wasn't completely
     explained, but it worked out rather ok.
     {TO RE TH}
     Live j-drama actually. A relationship story, with a high
     school girl and a high school boy swap bodies plot device.
     Well acted and funny. No nudity.
     {HU RI ON RE}
   Hunter x Hunter
     I originally started watching this anime, because it has the same
     voice actor as the main character of Naruto, but it appeared that
     I liked this anime actually. It's a very interesting and addicting
     story - much like Naruto, but without the delays and waitings.
     It takes a darker turn later on, but only momentarily.
   Iketeru futari
     A bad taste ecchi. I watched one episode
     with irritation and deleted the whole 14
     episode collection after that.
   Initial D
     What good can be a cartoon that is all about street racing?
     Well, first of all, it's an anime.
     This was the first fan-subbed anime I saw.
     I watched two random episodes to get a grasp of it and
     then I was already addicted.
     It's amazing what the Japanese can do.
     It's a really exciting and wonderful anime, although some
     of the episodes I watched were dubbed in Chinese language.
     This serie also taught me that anime should always be watched
     in the episode number order, starting from the beginning :)
     An intriguing anime. It's a bloody and
     humorous story which mixes medieval Japan
     and today Japan, and it doesn't disgust
     at all. I like this anime a lot. Unfortunately
     the episodes are difficult to get todays.
     A very-well presented short story that starts with a regular
     schoolboy sometimes having visions of a world of ghosts, and
     disconnected memories that don't seem to make sense. Little
     by little, the puzzle pieces are collected. It is a skillful
     combination of gloominess and cuteness.
     It might be related to a game that is/will be released.
     {BL CO CU OT RE}
     This anime is probably meant for girls, but it's
     so amusing and ridiculous that it is nice watching
     for anyone sufficiently childish. It's a nice samurai
     story parody with a small happy girl.
   Jubei-chan 2
     Almost the same thing as for Jubei Chan.
   Jungle wa itsumo Hale nochi Guu
     Somewhat funny jungle-anime where the main
     character is always getting "neckful of shit".
     It balances between hyperactivity and melancholity,
     with some very funny moments. It's difficult to like
     very much, but it's equally difficult to hate it.
     I've seen the 26 episodes, but not the Deluxe serie.
   Kashimashi (Kasimasi)
     The third serie that I know which has a boy who was turned into
     a girl. This is different from the previous ones in that the boy
     actually has a girlish nature to begin with. It's not a very special
     story, but a threesome romance. Well drawn and ok soundtrack. Ok to
     watch. It often pinches the nose of those who expect the ecchi.
     I'll put here the "YAoi" marker because it's so little used.
     But don't think of it in the negative sense. This anime doesn't
     have disturbing boy-boy relationships.
     {CO HU RE YA ON}
   Konjiki no Gasshu Beru (Golden Gash Bell)
     The main character of this serie is a selfish teenager
     boy who despises everyone. One day he meets a strange
     boy who seems to change his life with his golden heart
     and somewhat because of his thunder burst ability which
     he doesn't even know about.
     Seen a few episodes from beginning. This could get
     interesting, but is just average.
     {BA HU GH SP RE MO}
   Kyoryo Densetsu Villgust
     Legendary Cartoon. Not that the serie is anything like legendary,
     but the story forms a classical save-the-world legend with
     hyperactive characters and does include a catgirl.
     It's funny to watch and it's old. The good old time when not
     all anime was ecchi.
     {BA CO CU HU HY SA}
   Last Exile
     This anime takes place in a war environment,
     like Raimuiro Senkitan.
     It looks really good and the soundtrack is nice, but the first
     episode didn't catch me and thus I haven't watched more.
     I can't really say much of this serie. I've heard this
     is the favourite anime serie of many.
   Love Hina
     Harem anime. I have seen the first episode of it,
     and for my taste, the main character was too much
     kicked and tossed around. And the scheme felt too
     staged. Didn't watch more.
     {SE HY}
     I have forgot what this anime is about, but I can say
     it features a very high quality soundtrack.
   Magic Knight Rayearth
     This started to come in TV someday on a tv-channel
     that isn't viewable here. I got some episodes from
     my friend. However the english dub was untolerable
     (I just hated the voice of the voiceactors of the
     hero girls), and the story is too fairytaleish.
     I didn't like this one at all.
     {BA MO SA}
     An android anime that has something for everyone. I watched
     the whole 12 episodes and the production team episode.
     Very enjoyable. There are two seasons, and the second
     season is almost as good as the first one.
   Mahou tsukai ni taisetsu na koto (Important thing to a magician)
     The main character is the daughter of a famous powerful
     mage, and this girl wants to become a mage too.
     The serie is very non-hyperactive, and contains much
     more thinking (many kind of dilemmas) than action.
     {CO TH TO}
   Maico 2010
     A radio station gets a new talk host. She's an android.
     {CO HU HY TO}
     I have browsed quickly through the first and second episode
     (not following the plot at all), and it looks like an ecchi
     with sexy costumes..
     From what I have heard, it isn't very interesting.
     A serie of separate episodes. The core character is a "mushishi",
     a person who knows things about "mushi". Mushi appear in all
     episodes in different forms. Each episode is a different story,
     and the solutions to the situations are usually completely
     unpredictable. The audience can not participate, but only enjoy
     the theme and the story.
   Muteki Kanban Musume
     Two girls running two stores across the street are rivals to each
     others, and compete in really weird ways. It is a comedy.
     The drawing style is sufficient.
     {HY RI}
   Nadia - Secret of blue water
     I only watched one episode of this to get some
     kind of figure what it is. Didn't attract me,
     although it's not a bad anime (at start).
     I had a lot of better anime at that time.
Narue no Sekai (Narue's world) Umm... I was faced with a question of whether this is shoujo (girls' anime) or shounen (boys' anime), but again I don't really know. Maybe the name of the first episode, "boku no kanojo-wa uchuujin" (my girlfriend is an alien) best explains the content of this anime. Similar anime: Mahoromatic, Tenchi Muyo {CO CU HU HY RE TH} Narutaru Umm... girls find mystery-shrouded beings... This anime is quite peaceful in pace, but not philosophic like Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na koto. Ignore the Pokémon-referring rumours. There's no connection whatsoever. This serie is quite evil and dark, but not dark like Lain. {LI TO MO} Naruto Era-unbound ninja-anime with lots of different almost magical ninja techniques. The anime is about a boy who has quite a lively boyish nature but wants to become a great ninja. This is one of the animes where minutes are stretched into weeks. Still very addictive. Special features: - Lots of different eye styles - Ninja techniques and terminology - Performing elemental "seals" with hand gestures - Ramen {BA BL CO HU HY MO OT RE RI SE TO} Natsuiro no Sunadokei A small time travel story, about a boy whose girlfriend is killed in an accident and the boy gets a chance to prevent it form happening. It might be related to a game that is/will be released. {CO RE} Negima
Neon Genesis Evangelion Peeked into the first episode, but it didn't attract me and I had lots of other (better) anime at that time. It has nice skin-tight suits though, for what I've seen in wallpapers. But so do many other series too. {MA} Night head genesis People are born with supernatural abilities. This show explores their trouble integrating to the society, and the prospect they can have in reshaping the world's future. The protagonists are two such boys, who break out from a facility that has been caring them for the last 15 years. The premise of this anime is set on the (false) claim that people only utilize around 10 % of their brain. For many parts, this anime reminds me of Noein. The musical soundtrack is also excellent. {TO CO BL} Noein Quantum teleportation and alternative realities. The main character of this anime is a girl who begins to learn she's somehow born with control over the time and space, when she is visited by guests from an alternative future where the world is facing an imminent threat of destruction. This anime utilizes relatively a lot of computer 3D graphics for mundane scenes. Its soundtrack is also very high quality. {BA CO HU OT RE} Noir Weird musics, but neither the story or anything else does catch me. I've watched one or two episodes. {CL} Nurse-witch Komugi-chan magikarte This is so ridiculous anime that you'd easily think it's meant for the youngest children, but on the other hand it's ecchi and has quite impolite language (as well as quite overpolite language), and this combination makes it difficult to grade. Anyway, I have seen the first episode and probably don't want to watch more. In my opinion, people who enjoy this kind of anime, have something wrong with their mind... {RI} Onegai Teacher A nice anime of a relationship between a kind boy and a shy teacher-lady. The anime features some scifi type elements, but is mostly about the relationship. Worth watching the whole serie (12 or 13 episodes). {CO HU RE} Onegai Twins Somewhat related to Onegai Teacher. It's a weird relationship/familiarship anime, which has its highlights but is generally boring in my opinion. {CO SE RE} Oruchuban Ebichu Very very japanese, but very little animelike. Its drawing style indicates it's meant for little children, but its content indicates it's meant for grown-up girls, NOT little children. The main character of this serie is a cute hamster who is exceptionally smart but very often annoying someone, resulting in non-permanent violent injuries. It has lots of play on words and untranslatable content, which is why each subtitled episode is prefixed by a several minutes long introduction/explanation by the translator. {BL CU HU HY NU RE RI SE} Patlabor 2 This is a movie which features mechas. I saw it, but it wasn't quite interesting. Also the video quality was poor where it was shown. {MA} Pokémon This came in TV, and I watched. It was the first anime I had seen, but at that time I didn't know anything about the "anime" concept. The first episodes are good, but then it starts repeating itself more and more. Only some occassional good episodes. The Finnish dubbing however is excellent and translation even better. {BA CO CU HU HY LI MO OT RI SA TO} Raimuiro Senkitan Girls, panty shots, army and a male teacher. Slightly interesting, somewhat funny. Based on a hentai game, but the serie is just ecchi, in a not bad way. It has some glitches, but overall it's watchable. {BA CO GH HU HY LI MO RE RI SE SP TO} Ranma ½ This serie is quite old. It was the first foreign (Pokémon doesn't count) anime serie I heard about - via music. I happened to download the soundtrack from somewhere in 2001, and I still have it - it's good. I've now seen almost the first three seasons of this serie (the serie seems to be very very long), and although there isn't a great plot (apart from love stories) to follow and it doesn't excel with skillful graphics, it's enjoyable to watch. And it has Megumi Hayashibara, who also does the excellent voice of Lina Inverse in the Slayers. {BA CO CU HU HY LI RE RI SE ON} Rockman EXE This anime is completely for boys. I've watched some of the first episodes, but I got bored with it and deleted it later when I needed disk space. If I met this anime 12 years earlier, I would have liked it, probably a lot. The drawing style resembles Pokémon. {BA CO MO OT TO} Rockman EXE Axess It's the same as Rockman EXE. Hasn't much changed. Except that now the main character has a chance to be Rockman himself! So how's that a change? We'll see... {BA CO MO OT TO} R.o.D the TV Sisters who are "paper users" - they do incredible things with paper (like fighting). They are obsessed with books. This serie is a brilliant mixture of plain average and excellence. I don't know why, but this serie just seems to shine. It's very good. {BA CL HU TO} Rozen Maiden Cursed talking dolls. Although it may seem like a girls' anime with those dolls, in my opinion it is suitable for everyone. The central character is an introverted boy whose life changes when he discovers a cute small doll that starts changing his life by insisting she's his master. More dolls appear, and it seems they possess some magical abilities. {CU HU TO BA} Rurouni Kenshin OAV (OVA?) A bloody anime. As opposed to Inuyasha, this disgusted me. Watched a part of the first episode only. However how people have told me, I still consider starting watching the actual serie some time. {BL} Madlax Sailor Moon Actually I haven't seen this as an anime. I have seen the first episode of the live action version. Umm... this is epic. And this has fishy clothes. Lots. Young actors. Definitely girl stuff. Classified as: {BA CO MO SA} Sankarea: Undying love A romantic story about zombies. What if you could bring someone back into life after death? What would their new "life" would be like? This anime explores the issue in a lighthearted manner through a highschool boy and girl who come from totally different backgrounds. The amount of included fanservice is not small. {HU NU RE TH TO} Sci-Fi Harry This anime portrays Japanese perception of many things American, starting from the very noticeable noses of the character's faces, and American names of course. The story itself is about a very introverted boy who discovers a parapsychic ability in himself. Unfortunately there's more to the ability than anyone realizes, at first... This anime is not cute. But it's not gore either, and it is also not badly drawn. It is very well drawn. {RE BL TO} Scrapped Princess Slayers-like world, but not as humorous serie... Seen 3 episodes, had no interest in watching more... {BA OT MO} Scryed This anime I tried once, because my irc friends were saying this is a good anime. I didn't like it however. {BA} Serial Experiments Lain In this anime we watch the world with the eyes of a girl who doesn't much mentally live in this world. A really disturbing anime. I watched two or three episodes and then deleted it all. {CL HU TH} Seto no Hanayome A boy drowns on sea, gets rescued by a mermaid. Mermaid forcibly marries boy, and happens to be the daughter of yakuza (Japanese mafia). It is a ridiculous and fast-paced anime that reminds greatly of Jubei-Chan, but perhaps not as good. I think the numerous plot devices to get the boy into trouble and beating do not contribute as fun to watch, though. {SE HY HU RI} Sexy Commando Seen one episode. Not so bad after all, but it's not interesting enough for me. {HU RI} Slam Dunk What Initial D is about cars and racing, Slam Dunk is about basket ball. This is a very long serie, and I've not watched it quite much. Only about 25 episodes yet. Some are very fans of it, but it started to get a little boring for me... Sakuragi no baka. {CO HU HY RE RI SA TO} Slayers (the, NEXT, TRY) I like this anime. It was the first anime I have seen which is purely based on some fantasia world with no connection whatsoever to our real world or any very similar world. This serie combines few elements, all of which I enjoy: - Grand Save The World plots in the way of Final Fantasy games - An exotic magical world (but not a fairytaleish) - Intelligent humour (as well as cheaper humour, sometimes) - Lively voice acting (Megumi Hayashibara! :) ) A really good anime. The three seasons (each is 26 episodes) are all very humorous and interesting. {BA CO CU HU HY OT SA RI} Star Ocean EX An adventure anime riding on the Star Ocean trademark. {BA OT} Steins;Gate An anime, born from a manga, born from a visual novel, centered around the topic of time travel. It begins a little eccentric and annoying at first, but gains momentum and clarity from episode to episode, and by episode 4, you want to see it to the end. {CO CU SA SE TO} Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) Haruhi is a weird anime that does not fit easily into any established categories on this page. It is a "school anime" that follows the adventures of a normal boy, Kyon, who meets a weird girl, Haruhi, who gathers extraordinary people (aliens etc.) around her by simply desiring them to exist -- yet being completely oblivious to the fact that they are in fact extraordinary. {CO HU HY} Tales of Eternia It's based on the Namco game with the same name, but seems to be following it's limitations too closely. And the storytelling is too childish, even though the characters have lots of potential. {BA CO HU HY LI OT RE SA SP TO} Taro Rin: X I completely forgot the contents of this movie until Warp reminded some keywords. Yes, I saw this one. It's one of those "Tokyo tower gets destroyed again" movies. I would have liked to see more of those dragons. As total, this didn't much delight me. It had one nice idea of a magic spell though. Tenchi Muyo OAV Harem anime (not in a very pervert way). I watched this OAV serie (13 episodes) and I got a few *big* laughs with it. I like this. It's somehow scifi. An equal competitor to Vandread, although in a completely different way. {CO CU HA HU HY MA NU RE SP GH} Tenshi no tamago (angel's egg) Artistic, slow tense movie full of (probably) symbolic meanings. Drown into the theme and let the experience fill you. Otherwise you won't enjoy it. {CL TH} Tenshi no shippo 'chu!' Cute Umm. Nice anime. :) I'll write something better here when I have seen more than just the first two eps. {CO CU HA HU HY LI RE SP} Tenshi na konamaiki There's a boy... who was magically turned into a girl years ago. Now he's a she - a gorgeous one. She doesn't like it. Not an original idea (see Ranma ½), but there's still room for more. Unusual drawing style. 30 episodes and going... it's good. :) {RE HY TO TH ON} Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo A story about a schoolgirl who one day finds herself able to literally "leap" through time, and change the past. It is not so much a science fiction story than it is a story about a person learning to see beyond her own needs and on the ramifications of one's choices. I enjoyed this movie very much. {TH HU TO} Tokyo Underground Dunno yet. Seen so little (one episode). (Later deleted it when I still hadn't watched it more for a long time.) Those who hunt elves A fantasy anime, not so good as Slayers, but not terribly bad either. Funny, but in a different way. Seen two episodes. Theme: Find elves, strip them naked. Repeat. {CO CU HY MO SA SE NU} Utena I got some bad quality episodes from slobber, and I watched the first episode. I think this is a girls' anime, but not quite interesting. Vandread My second anime not seen in tv. When I liked Initial D, Aquatica told me this is a nice anime, and I watched. Well, it's... nice. ;) The arc of this serie is not as much interesting as the details. It's a parodical story about world where the women and the men live in separate worlds and know next to nothing about each others - except some grave rumors. The show takes place mostly in a spaceship full with girls in fancy costumes. {BA CO CU HA HU HY OT RE RI SE} Windy Tales Flying cats. Wind manipulators. {TO} Wings of Honneamise A carefully done movie with some funny points. It's certainly worth watching. You either like it or you don't, but not in the same way as Ghost in the Shell. {TH HU} Wolf's rain Bloody wolf-anime. The first episode didn't interest me... {BL}
Total 112 anime titles and 3 live action titles. Ps: Don't ask me whether I can send you anime. -- Bisqwit
  The primary purpose of this page is to list all the anime
  titles I have seen and tell what were my opinions / impressions.
  It is no way meant as an objective review of a serie.
  I am only telling what were my opinions.
  I am not obliged to watch anything, and my choice can
  easily be based on even the first half of the first
  episode if I wish: it only decides whether I'll watch
  Don't believe my opinions, feel free to make your own.

 BAttles                BLoody                       CLassiness
 COntinuity             CUteness                     GHosts: evil spirits
 HArem anime            HUmor                        HYperactivity
 LIttle children        Big MAchines (& mechas)      MOnster/opponent of week
 NUdity                 OTher worlds                 RElationships
 RIdiculous             SAve the world / grand goal  SExual jokes
 SPirits: good          THoughts                     TOpic: central
 YAoi                   ONna ni natchatta!