Console music search

This search includes some NES, Game Boy and SNES sound tracks.

Symbols: c c# d d# e f f# g g# a a# b = notes; < and > previous and next octave; 2 = direct select octave 2 (appended to a note)


Written by Joel Yliluoma, 2006-12-22
Note: The music database has been created automatically by the means of emulation of the game code and advanced signal analysis. It is possible that sometimes the results are bogus, for example, percussion interpreted as melodic instruments. Also, the search only covers single channels, and does not work for melodies which span multiple channels alternating. The search also ignores the tempo alltogether, concentrating only on the passage of musical notes.
Note 2: If the "Listen" links don't work nicely, rightclick them and select "Save as" to save the MIDI file, and then open it with a MIDI player such as Windows Media Player or TiMidity++.