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Joed is the official level editor of Joe, a good puzzle game written by Warp.

Screenshots (behind links to avoid accidental spoiling):
Editing level 2 Help screen

Download it here: (about 94k, last updated Jan 12 2001 16:24 (EEST))
There is no version information available for the editor. Determine new versions from the update date.

Some clips from the documentation:

             The Official Level Editor of the Joe and Jasper game

                        Copyright 1992, 2001 Bisqwit

                   The Joe and Jasper game is (C)1998 Warp.

The editor idea

  You can create your own Joe levels easily with this editor.
  You can modify your existing format-1 Joe levels. See leveled.txt.

Hardware requirements

  Minimum system:
    VGA-compatible display card.
    Keyboard (Helpful).
    Some conventional memory left (dunno what's the minimum)
    MS-DOS 5.0

  Recommended system:
    486 something.
    VGA-compatible display card.
    Creative Sound Blaster AWE-64 with reverb 40% and chorus 30%.
    Some conventional memory left (still dunno what's the minimum)
    Good mouse (poor mouses are never good).
    MS-DOS 7.x (also known as Windows 95/98).
Required files

  joed.exe     (The editor program file itself)

Supported additional files

  joe.mar      (Joe music archive)
  joe.exe      (Yes, it is good to have the game also.)
  *.jlv        (The level files)


  The Joe and Jasper game is freeware.
  For more details, ask from Warp.

  The editor, Joed, is freeware.

  The editor may be distributed in its unmodified form very freely.
  You don't need to pay anything to the authors to use this.
  There is no trial period time limit. If you want to send money
  or good computer parts to the authors, it does not guarantee a
  new version of the editor or a new version of the game being
  submitted to the net in next week, but it does increase the
  motivation of making more good programs and more good games :-)

  Only authorized version may be distributed. Modified versions may
  not be distributed. This version is authorized unless somebody else
  than the author has been modifying it. See chapter "Author".

  The sources codes of the game are not yet being distributed.
  The sources codes of the editor are not yet being distributed.
  If somebody needs the sourcecodes of the editor, then... well, mail me.


  Teleports can not be made with this editor. They must be made manually.
  See leveled.txt in the Joe distribution packet.


  Joed has been written in Finland.
  It is a beautiful country in between of Sweden and Russia.
  Joed has been written by Bisqwit.
  He is a strange young man with some computer programming knowledge.
  Many parts of Joed have also been written by Warp.
  For example, the font has been designed by Warp :)

  This short file has been written by Bisqwit.

  The song behind Joed is the Chmmr theme from the Star
  Control 3 game. The Star Control 3 game is Accolade's game.
  There exist some other songs in Joed, too.
  All other songs have been written by Warp, or if
  otherwise mentioned in one of joe's documents, then so.

  If you have any questions or want to give us feed-back about
  this editor or about this manual (or my English) or about any
  other my releases, you may send it.
  My e-mail address is

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