Bisqwit::blog - 2002-10-24

--- Thu Oct 24 10:06:49 EEST 2002 ---

Menin nukkumaan kai jossain yhden aikaan, ja nyt söin

Jos seuraavaksi taas lähtisi töihin.

--- Thu Oct 24 13:26:20 EEST 2002 ---

Olisikohan tällainen shifted summon kiva juttu batissa:

(road) Babylon Way (e,w,n,s,nw,sw). a small, dark crystal shaped like a star
Gurb Silverpaw the member of Catfolk

Gurb starts concentrating on a new spell.
Gurb frantically waves his hands and yells 'gwwaaajj'.
> smile You smile happily.
Bisqwit snaps into existence.
> shocked You suddenly look very shocked.
> la bisqwit Bisqwit Cid the member of Catfolk (LAG: 866 seconds).
A vague hoodlum. Avoid.
Apparently meditating. He's not much reacting.
She is in excellent shape.
        Bisqwit's equipment:
Cloak: A tattered monk's robe with a green cloth belt
Forehead: A silver star symbolizing faith in Tarmalen

Gurb has summoned you!
Your environment suddenly changes.

(road) Babylon Way (e,w,n,s,nw,sw). a small, dark crystal shaped like a star
Gurb Silverpaw the member of Catfolk
Bisqwit Cid the member of Catfolk (LAG: 866 seconds)

> hmm Bisqwit suddenly looks very shocked.
Bisqwit looks at you.
Bisqwit suddenly snaps out of existence.
You 'hmmmm' for a moment.

- - - -
tai näin:

>tell gurb summis                                                ... You tell Gurb 'summis'                                           Bisqwit tells you 'summis' Fungus misses you.                                               >cast summon at bisqwit Fungus misses you.                                               You start concentrating on the spell.
Fungus misses you.                                               You cast the spell with greater haste.
You successfully dodge Fungus's bite.                            >tell bisqwit tulee Gurb tells you 'tulee'                                           You tell Bisqwit 'tulee' You miss Fungus.                                                 You cast the spell with greater haste.
You smash Fungus making small marks.                             You cast the spell with greater haste.
Fungus misses you.                                               You are done with the chant. Fungus misses you.                                               You frantically wave your hands and yell 'gwwaaajj'.
You successfully dodge Fungus's bite.                            Bisqwit snaps into existence.
Fungus bores you causing a sick amount of disgusting wounds.     Blood pours from Bisqwit's wounds!
You smash Fungus making small marks.                             >l ... Fungus bores you making an artery explode.                   (road) Babylon Way (e,w,n,s,nw,sw). Grinning diabolically Fungus scrapes you snapping a collarbone.  a small, dark crystal shaped like a star
Fungus strokes you making outer muscle tissue corrode.           Bisqwit is unconscious and needs immediate medical help
Fungus thumps you making an artery explode.                      >tell bisqwit tulit sitten unconsciousina Gurb tells you 'tulit sitten unconsciousina'                     You tell Bisqwit 'tulit sitten unconsciousina' You are about to DIE!                                            >sigh Fungus sticks you causing heart tissue to fly everywhere.        You sigh deeply.
You wish your wounds would stop BLEEDING so much!
Fungus nibbles you snapping back a limb.
You wish your wounds would stop BLEEDING so much!
You are no longer stunned.
You fall unconscious from the pain.
>x Fungus thumps you making the head explode from a MASSIVE acid blast.
You are unconscious, unable to do anything.
Your skin MELTS exposing your internal organs!
Blood pours from your wounds!

Gurb has summoned you!
Your environment suddenly changes.

(road) Babylon Way (e,w,n,s,nw,sw). a small, dark crystal shaped like a star
Gurb Silverpaw the member of Catfolk

>l You are unconscious, unable to do anything.
You wish your wounds would stop BLEEDING so much!
Blood pours from your wounds!
Gurb sighs deeply.

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