Bisqwit::blog - 2001-03-28

--- Wed Mar 28 03:38:48 EEST 2001 ---

It's very very rare when I have a real *discussion* about christianity,
and then it goes to that "you can't logically prove it, I don't believe
it" thing. Of course I can not! Only God can. What a pity - when the
person doesn't want to ask.

It's very easy to make a logically perfect own "religion", which is
exactly as good and acceptable as christianity, when logically compared.
That's why I hate talking about religions.
Christianity can fully be understood only when being _inside_ it, inside
the circle, where God also is.

World is on the edge of the circle. Travelling a straight line around the
circle gives a perfectly full view of the circle, making the illusion
"there is nothing else", but perhaps it is not really that way.

People are afraid to step aside.

Some people try standing on the edge and
shouting inside "hello, is anybody there?".
But God wants real commitment.

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