Chronotools - signature feature

   1. Introduction
   2. How to

1. Introduction

Chronotools allows you to insert arbitrary SNES code to your translation. This includes a "signature" feature.

Signature is a logo, displayed on the startup screen of the game, as shown below for example:
Chronofin logo


ATTENTION: This feature is provided for making your publication identified - preventing people claiming it as their own. Do not use it for bragging. I recommend that you will ignore this feature until your translation is ready for test releases.

2. How to

If you want to add a signature, the easiest way is as follows:

Add the following lines to your ct.cfg in the [linker] section:

load_code "ct-moglogo.o65"
add_call_of "show_moglogo"   $FDE62F 0 false
add_image   "moglogo.tga"    "TILEDATA_ADDR"  "PALETTE_ADDR" "PALETTE_SIZE"
This tells the insertor that it must include code from ct-moglogo.o65 and insert a call of the routine show_moglogo at $FDE62F in the ROM, and that it should read and insert the image moglogo.tga, compress it and assign several constants for referring to it.

You can create ct-moglogo.o65 by compiling the included ct-moglogo.a65 file with snescom, a SNES assembler, or asking me to send it to you.