Chronotools - crononick

1. Introduction

Q: What exactly is [crononick]? Can I just replace it with Crono? From what I saw only Ayla uses it in her dialogue.

A: Ayla talks simple language, and from the very first moment she sees Crono, she likes him a lot and gives him a new name, a simpler name.
From that on, she calls Crono always by that nickname.

In the Japanese version, Crono's default name is Kurono, and Ayla's version of that name is Kuro.
If the user gives Crono a new name and the name is longer than two syllables, the Japanese [crononick] handler only displays the first two syllables of it.

In the English version you don't see this happening because the localizers weren't able to invent an algorithm to simplify the name.
However, the skeleton for that is still present in CT ROM, and for this reason Chronotools supports it.

If you happen to invent a way to convert any 1-5 letter name into a nickname using the rules of your native language, you can write (or have it written) the rules and routines to handle that and Chronotools inserts that and uses it to display [crononick].

Even if you don't intend to do that, it's good to keep all [crononick] there and not change them to "Crono", because it allows you to quickly find all dialog where Ayla talks about Crono :)

2. How to

The instructions here are similar to the conjugation instructions, but the only configuration file section associated with this is [linker].
Here's what I have there:
load_code "ct-crononick.o65"
add_call_of "CrononickHandler"   $C25B3B 13 false
You can find my code file in the DOCS/ct-crononick.code file.

3. What does the Finnish version do?

In the Finnish version, Crononick is formed using the following substitution rules:
  1. If the name begins with two differing consonants, remove the first one and uppercase the second.
    E.g. Crono -> Rono, Sven -> Ven
  2. If the name ends with a vowel, two identical consonants and a vowel, remove the second-last letter.
    E.g. Mikko -> Miko, Matti -> Mati
  3. If the name ends with a consonant, two identical consonants and a vowel, remove the non-identical consonant.
    E.g. Ilkka -> Ikka
  4. Otherwise use the unmodified name