Chronotools - variable width 8pix font

1. Introduction

If you find the standard item name length limit (10 characters plus symbol) or the standard tech name length limit (10 characters plus symbol) too restricting, forcing you to make ridiculous abbreviations, you can install a support for variable width 8pix font.

In Chronotools, this consists of the following components:

2. VWF8 font

You need a font. Take one from DOCS/ct8fnV.tga and edit it to match your character set.

Edit the font8vfn setting in the [font] section of your configuration file so that the insertor knows the font.

Please read the fonts and character sets guide regarding the character mapping of this (and other) fonts.

3. VWF8 code

Add the following lines to your ct.cfg in the [linker] section:
# VWF8
load_code "ct-vwf8.o65"
# VWF for items: If your item list begins with *i11 (not *l11):
add_call_of "EquipLeftItemFunc"  $C2A5AA 4  false
add_call_of "EquipRightItemFunc" $C2F2DC 1  true
add_call_of "ItemListFunc"       $C2B053 13 false
add_call_of "EquipLeftHelper"    $C2A57D 14 false
add_call_of "EquipLeftHelper2"   $C2A5B6 2  false
add_call_of "BattleItemFunc"     $C109C1 32 false
add_call_of "DialogItemCall"     $C25BA1 36 false

# VWF for techs: If your tech list begins with *t11 (not *l11):
add_call_of "BattleTechFunc"     $C10B5B 32 false
add_call_of "BattleTechHelper"   $C10A99 0 false
add_call_of "DialogTechCall"     $C25A90 55 false
add_call_of ""                   $C10ABE 16 false
add_call_of "TechListFunc"       $C2BDB2 52 true

# For monsters: If your monster list begins with *m11 (not *l11):
add_call_of "BattleMonsterFunc"  $CCED13 60 false
add_call_of "DialogMonsterCall"  $C25AD2 35 false
This tells the insertor that it must include code from ct-vwf8.o65 and insert calls of several routines to your ROM.
By selecting the right add_call_of lines you select which features of the ROM you want to patch.

You can create a new ct-vwf8.o65 file by compiling the included ct-vwf8.a65 file with snescom.

4. Conversion of the tables in script

Normally the items, techs and monsters are inserted as fixed-width tables in the ROM, denoted by the label *l11 in your script.

When you are ready to get rid of the item length limit, replace the *l11 in the script with i11.
Same goes for techs: *l11 is changed to t11,
and for monsters *l11 is changed to m11.

Note: Monster names are not displayed in VWF8, but their lon.